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    How does the sprint $4 a month replacement plan work. What if I break my treo by accident do they replace it within that two year period. What if the unit fails and there is no Treo 300 but a Treo 600 do I get the newer model. Has anyone tried to submit a claim on this program.

    Thanks for the insight.
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    I'd also be curious how Sprint's replacement plan works. I'm currently signed up for it but I'm not entirely sure of the details. Can anyone point me to a document that outlines the terms and conditions of the replacement plan?

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    So I just looked around Sprint's website a bit and the best information I found regarding the Equipment Replacement Plan is as follows:

    PCS Equipment Replacement Program
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    This program covers loss, theft, damage and extended warranty of your PCS Phone, its standard battery, and charger. There is a limit of 2 claims within a 12- month period, with a deductible of $35 per claim. For full terms and conditions, call the lock\lineŽ program administrator at 1-800-584-3666. This program is underwritten by CNA.

    Available at:

    Let me know if anyone knows anything else about this,

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