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    I just got my color treo 90 and can't get my files to sync. I am using my home computer (Windows XP) and was wondering if that had something to do with it. I typed in some addresses in the Palm Desktop program and then did a hot sync and nothing transferred. Not even the address I had on my pda. What am I doing wrong?
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    Have you tried these troubleshooting suggestions?

    "If you're having trouble with synchronization, you may have chosen to synchronize with the Palm Desktop Personal Information Manager (PIM) rather than Microsoft Outlook when you first installed the software on your computer. Or vice versa."

    More ...

    Also, check your Address Book, Date Book, etc. conduits. You may have turned them to "Do nothing" or some funky synchronization option.

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    Another thing to check that ISN'T on handspring's site, is wheather another user is logged on on your desktop. After four nights of frustration and anger, I realised that if I logged my Wife's account off, my Treo synced perfectly!
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    Handspring tech support on the quoted pages is totally ineffective. They offer advise at the most basic level, aimed at the novice user.

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