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    My Palm Desktop by Access v6.2.2 (running on Windows XP Pro) ate most of the items in the address book, and labeled all the surviving entries "unfiled" while erasing all my custom categories. The addresses survived on the Treo 700p so I deleted all the addresses on the desktop and did a hot sync. That restored MOST of the addresses to the desktop -- but selectively erased a substantial number on both desktop and handheld.

    My desktop files in My Documents\Palm OS Desktop has a file address.bak and another file address.aba; there is also a folder \backup with many, many files, some with "address" in the filename. Based on the file dates, it looks as if one of these files may contain ALL my addresses.

    If this is true, how do I open them? If one is complete, how do I restore it and overwrite the corrupted version now on the desktop and handheld?
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    Normally, you use a utility to fix this on your PC. I forgot which utility did that. There are probably some threads with discussion on those probably on the other Treo devices (try the 650 one) forums. There is a software you can export your Palm Address book to a text file as well. One of the is present on the Palm Desktop software (I have version 4.1.4) where you can export them in the Palm format or .csv or .txt in either tab delimited or comma delimited format.

    As you suspected, the one on your PC may have kept a copy, usually the one under the folder \Program Files\palmOne\<UserName>\address for the older version of your Palm Desktop. The new one my be on your My Documents folder as you have stated above.

    I would create a copy of the address file name you find and put it somewhere else as backup. The one on your My Documents folder may be a backup of the new v6.2.2 version. Create also the backup of that those files before you do anything.

    Next, you really need to backup your devices via another method, probably using an SD card just in case. There are popular Palm software available that lets you restore each database as needed.

    The issue of using your older version of the address book from your My documents folder as those files could possibly that will contain the iterations of your address book plus some corruption as you were cleaning them up.

    By using a backup you can safely keep your existing data without worrying about redoing what you have deleted or re-categorized last time.

    To sync back old address book, if the rules are still followed, you need to hard reset your Palm OS device and sync back. This will sync from your desktop to the Palm.

    If you don't want to hard reset your device, you can also change your sync (again if the old rules are followed) for the address (Contacts) to temporarily set from "Synchronize the files" to "Desktop overrides Handset". However, because of the existing corruption, your address book may just get worst. Again, if you have an SD backup of your Palm, you can easily test this theory.

    Notes: address.bak is the backup of the previous sync of your address data base. The current file is of course named address.dat.
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    Thank you VERY much. I will carefully follow these steps.

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