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    Any info on when T-Mobile, Cingular, and AT&T are going to approve the 1.1 upgrade?

    What's the hold up?
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    I think will be 1.2 or whatever > 1.1

    I live in Italy and I'm waiting to official GPRS support included directly from HS before 270 buy. I'll not buy 270 before that moment. Remember the story of brighter display this summer? I know, GPRS patch is a 'software only' thing. But who knows. At some point HS must label new Treos with included GPRS. I suspect (hope) the new Treo will include better hardware too.
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    In the GPRS forum someone posted that they heard Nov. 1, at least for TMobile. Apparently some of the data rate plan info on TMobiles site has disappeared too...perhaps they're about to launch new (competitively priced!) data plans to coincide with the GPRS release. I sure hope so!
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    TMobile signed me up for GPRS for my Treo 270. He gave the following pricing:

    2MB - $10
    10MB - $ 20
    20MB - $35

    downloaded 1.1. from handspring site and the connectcarrier.pdb from treocentral.

    installation was flawless. works gr8 here in the chicago area. only thing i had to do manually was to select TMobile wireless internet as the service (under network preferences).
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    I just hope T-Mobile can reduce their rates on GPRS since Sprint has unlimited.

    Seems like Sprint has more to offer for unlimited use.

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