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    If you're like me and you frequently carry your treo in your pocket, they you've probably worried about the outside window getting scratched up.

    Here's my solution...

    1. Get a small amount of do it yourself laminate - the kind that is very thin like cellophane and is not meant for heated lamination machines.

    2. Cut an oversized square of this material and peel the backing just enough to expose a small portion of the adhesive side. Be sure not to touch the adhesive side anywhere it will touch the window or you'll see a nice big fingerprint there afterwards.

    3. Stick this evenly to the lid below the window and slowly use a credit card to squeegee the adhesive edge forward as you peel away the backing to cover the entire window without bubbles.

    4. Using a sharp x-acto knife, slice around the small channel between the window edge and the lid cover until you have trimmed out the entire window.

    5. Peel away excess material.

    I have found this to be much better than a writeright screen protector or similar since it does not make the screen appear cloudy or distorted when the lid is closed and the screen is on.

    The laminate material is optically clear, fairly low tack and comes off without leaving adhesive on the screen, in case the process ever needs to be repeated. I wish I knew the manufacturer, but I don't - my wife (shes's a teacher) gets rolls of this stuff at school though.

    And I don't worry about it getting scratched up in my pocket anymore.

    Hope this helps,
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    I never removed the protective plastic on the cover. It is still on and while it is not completely clear (the texture gives it a slightly fuzzy appearance), it has served me well.
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    I second you Brooose!

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