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    I just started receiving this TreoMail error message today: "Sync Error: A communication problem was encountered with the Treo Mail servers. Please try again later."

    I am not encountering any other data/PCS Vision problems (that is, other apps work fine). And I have not installed anything new on the Treo.

    Has anybody else encountered this error?

    How is it possible to contact Handspring about this error?
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    I have been getting this error today also. It's probably a transient problem with the TreoMail service. I'd go to the HS support page and submit on it.
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    Glad to see that I'm not alone! Thought I was having some problems connecting. They must be doing some maintenance. Maybe if were lucky they're upgrading their software and servers... Attachments would be nice!

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    Is it still down?
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    It must be the Treo Mail servers, cause I can connect to internet just fine. Even my Desktop Assistant is blue for Treo Mail.

    I hope it comes up soon.
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    Mine works now!
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    I received this via e-mail as a response from Handspring after I submitted a support issue: "There was a problem with the servers earlier today, ( 10/21/02 ), that has since been corrected."

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