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    Am thinking about making this switch and would be interested in any personal experiences or stories anyone on the board would have to share....

    particularly as it relates to synching the new phone... just synch and go, or restart from scratch..

    what about hacks....
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    Right now I am not using any hacks on my Treo. On my Kyo, I had backlight ack only. On my I300, I had Jake's Skins hack. I love the PDAApps Treo300SMS.. It makes the Treo the only Sprint phone to do MO-SMS in any usable fashion and it is a bundle of fun. I find the Treo to be the best hybrid PDA/phone out there. The Kyo had great reception and was tri-mode but it was just too big to lug around. The Treo fits in a shirt or pants pocket quite comfortably. The keyboard is a joy. I was skeptical at first but I don't think I could go back to graffiti now (although we'll see when the 7135 comes out!!) I think it is the most useful device I own.

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