I bought a Treo 300 last Friday, and signed up for one of the new data plans. Everything is great! For $50 per month ($40 for the first 3 months) I got unlimited data, unlimited weekend and evening minutes, 400 anytime minutes. Phone was up and running (with Vision) almost immediately, and I was surfing the net that afternoon, bidding on eBay, reading book reviews on Amazon, etc. This is fun! Phone is working fine, too.
Got my Treo for $450 ($50 of from Sprint), also got another Vision-enabled dual band phone free from Sprint, and for $20 per month extra have that phone (which has a separate phone number, and which I can give to my babysitter for her use, or any other use I want) sharing my plan. This is the best $70 per month arrangement (for me) that I can imagine. For heavy phone users, plans with many more anytime minutes are available. After hearing from so many disgruntled users, just thought I would provide some positive feedback.