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    When I bought my treo from Sprint, I was told I had to re-up my contract since I was going to a vision plan. Since I was coming from a 6035 kyocera and had been a long time customer I knew that it was my right to change my plan ONCE without having to sign a new service contract.

    But evidently, after going around an around with them for 45 minutes, there's no way they'll let you do this if you go to a vision plan, it's just hard policy. They'd rather have you walk away from Sprint.

    But, if you're persistant, you can persuade them to knock the potential early cancellation fee off the price of the treo...

    In my case, I got the phone from sprint for $310.00 plus tax - this included 150 off for the fee and the 40 instant rebate.

    So I guess I can live with that.

    I would encourage all of you to try to do the same if you are an existing Sprint customer contemplating going to the treo.

    Sure, it'll take you an hour, but I wish I made $150/hr.

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    This would be a good place to compile a list of tips & tricks others may have used to get Sprint to reduce the cost of the phone, or increase a rebate, or eliminate service contracts, etc.

    Let's get a list going!
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    For those concerned about the loss of the first free add-a-phone on their plans, you may be able to get a service credit on the $85 plan ($95 for unlimited night and weekends) for 5-6 months. You may need to call the executive sales office (not for executives, but a higher level of sales than c/s) at 866-519-5698.

    It's a good way to see if the 2000 AT minutes will cover you so that you may not have to pay the $10 extra for unlimited NW.

    I received a $60 service credit on the $95 plan (so, I'm actually getting free NW for 6 months).

    Oh, they also threw in a Sprint case for the Treo 300 as well ;->

    Good luck!

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    Just changed over from a Total Digital Connections Plan that had some months left on the contract to a new Vision plan. While they did insist that the plan change over on my billing date, there was no 'cancellation fee' on the old plan.
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    Thanks for the tip.

    I called by business account rep. at sprint and asked about getting my already purchased phone at a cheaper price since I am going to be sticking with Sprint for at least another year. Well low and behold they gave me one month of full credit free. Doesn't sound like much but with my plan my bills are in the range of $150+ a month. Not bad. So in a round about way I got the Sprint phone for a $50 instant credit and a $150 service credit for a total cost of $300 plus tax.

    If you are a long standing business customer give it a try. Sprint should earn the right to have your business it is not a given. I commited to pay them over $1400 in service fees in the next year the least they could do is give me one month free for my brand loyalty.

    Thanks again for the tip.

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