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    How the heck does one view thier sprint bill online?

    After I sign on to, there is no link to this. If you click help, it provides instructions on how to do it but they do not work since it tells me to click an icon at the top of the page that does not appear at all on any of my pages except the address book or mail ones.

    And when I click it, I get prompted for my vision password (which IS correct) and then get looped back to the same page I originally came from!!?!

    Anyone else have the same problem?

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    I have not been able to view my bill since I changed plans on the 18th. I am able to log into the "invoice" button in the manage account web page but then I get a message saying that since I have changed my plan the invoice/account will not be viewable until the start of the next billing cycle (which for me will be Nov. 13)

    It is possible that with the new service plans they have had to take this site down for upgrading. I am sure others have had the same problem.
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    In the past, each time I changed plans, I could not access my bill until the old bill period ended, and the new one began. So, wait until your new billing period starts, and you should be able to see your bill again.

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