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    A new version of Basejet just got posted - first impression: Incredible! Those guys were quiet for a while, now I know why. They even support Smileys! I think this is the first for a palm email client. All of their attachment viewers are built in. And their new PRC is about 3K smaller than their last release, but this release has lots more. Now how'd they do that? Optimization?

    Here are the updates straight from their web site:
    + Separate settings for Device Sync Port and Launcher Sync Port
    + Option to stay connected after a wireless sync
    + On-device polling allows unattended wireless sync every X minutes
    + Email address auto-lookup/completion when composing a new message, editing a message, or replying to a message
    + Quick Inserts while composing new mail messages: Name, Email, Address, Phone, Date, HTML Tags, Web Text, Smileys
    + Treo jog dial support
    + Treo keyboard support
    + Jog dial support for Sony Clie devices
    + Side navigation button support for Samsung i300
    + Attachment saving and installation support for .vcf,.vcs,.doc,.pdf,.txt when reading an attachment
    + Graphics attachments conversion and viewing: .gif,.jpg,.jpeg,.tif,.tiff,.bmp,.png,.pcx
    + Add contact to Address Book support
    + Add new phone number contact
    + Support for additional folders
    + Scrollable header information
    + Attachments list at end of message
    + New Menu Bars and Menu items
    + New sort order choices: attachments, no attachments, high priority, normal priority
    + Smileys, smileys, everywhere
    + Palm OS 5 Support
    + Lotus Notes 6 support
    + Various bug fixes
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    Thanks for the heads up. I used the older version, and I can't wait to use this one!
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    what about EXCEL attachment support?
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    Tried the latest version but can't get it to work. Seems really poweful though.

    Not easy to use and no manual.
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    Tried it anbd dumped it. I couldn't figure out how to add multiple accounts. And how to check my pop3 mail accountswithout the desktop app.
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    Originally posted by yardie
    Tried it anbd dumped it. I couldn't figure out how to add multiple accounts. And how to check my pop3 mail accountswithout the desktop app.
    That's because it doesn't support multiple accounts using standalone POP3/IMAP.

    Standalone POP3/IMAP support has been in the product at least 3 releases ago. Install the app. Go to Options->Preferences->Login, select POP3 or IMAP, enter your settings. Select Wireless Sync and you're off.

    If you own a Treo300 or you want to stay connected after a wireless sync, go to Options->Preferences->Other->Advanced, select Stay Connected, or for Treo300 uses, change Device Sync Port to 110 to allow it to sync wirelessly.

    You have a choice to sync deletes in the Login prefs dialog.

    I think that's simple enough.
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    I tried the new Basejet but every time I have tried to do a wireless syne with my Treo 300 I get a "Fatal Alert - MemoryMgr.c,Line:4390, Invalid Handle"

    Do you suppose this is because I did not have "stay connected" checked in the "Other" screen under "Preferences"??

    I am going to turn on the stay connected option ... do a hot sync and then try it again. This is so frustrating.

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    That same problem has been reported on the Basejet support db. They mentioned something about an application conflict and are looking into it. I'm using a Treo300 and have not had that crash on sync. I do not think checking "Stay connected" has anything to do with it.

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