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    I would like to use my teeo for email. I gather there are several programs and I am happy to explore them BUT ....

    1. email

    can I use Sprin itself for POP3 and SMPT ... if so how do i SET THIS UP?

    my own email is not accessible at work because of the security system they use ... requires a "995" port and SSL. But I suppose I culd set up the rules to forward a copy.

    2. SMS

    this seems to be one of the most promising apps BUT ... it is very confusing:

    a. does the other phone need SMS to be called?

    b. can I send SMS to a PC?

    c. how do I send SMS from the treo?

    Thanks for the help!
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    The best way to send SMS or short emails from the Treo is Treo300SMS from PDAApps. You can get a free trial at It's 19.95 and probably the best add-on for increasing the functionality of your Treo.

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