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    just wondering how many times you guys out there using treo 270 had to soft reset or hard reset your set cos it just froze.....
    I had mine 1 week and been thru 3 new replacement sets and it hung on me...

    requiring softreset

    45 times

    requiring hardreset

    5 times
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    You've completely wiped out your RAM 5 times, requiring a HotSync before you can use it again?

    I'd seriously reconsider the apps and hacks you have installed. They don't seem to like each one another.
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    yes i did....and replaced 3 times with a new piece.

    these are the programs i had on....pls check your set if they had any problems.

    bejeweled 1.6
    scrabble 1.02
    worldmate 8.20
    markspace fax 1.0
    treopicture caller id
    ringo 3.0
    splash photo 3.0 with about 10 pictures 16 bit
    kinoma player
    icq 2.1 for palm
    new pen
    datemate 3.2
    backup buddy
    powerone finance calculator 3.0
    one touch mail
    all my datebook and phonebook from my previous palm m505

    i still have about 10 mb of space after all these

    and i'm using gprs 1.1 updated ROM

    what's the matter.?????

    i did a hard reset 2 days ago and didn't install the same programs back, in fact i renamed my treo and started everything from stratch....only my date and phonebook sycned back.

    now i only have the following

    one touch mail
    splash photo (no more photos)
    whatword game

    and nothing else...

    no hard resets for 2 days now....but still some fatal exception erros that require soft resets...(4 times yesterday already)

    what the *&^* is wrong?????

    pray tell....
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    What are you doing to cause the system errors requiring warm resets?
  5.    #5 usually hangs when a call is received....and if i'm doing something at the same time, the possibility is higher.

    also a couple of times, i wake up in the morning to find my treo with a fatal error....imagine if i had to rely on the treo for my wake up call...that would be disastrous...i had no problems with my previous phones crashing...

    like i said i have the programs listed above....and i forgot...another one...

    symantec antivirus 2002 for palm...

    that's it....

    anybody had any problems with the s/w i listed?
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    You can go without the virus software. Just don't go installing random files, you'll be fine. Virus software, by its very nature sticks its nose into everything. If I had to make a bet, I'd say that's the problem.
    My second guess would be Ringo. It's known as a really really buggy piece of software.
    Diable these two and see what happens. Then enable one and see if it gets bad again. Then you'll know. Hope this helps!
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    Thanx for tip Kramsauer

    I have not installed these 2 on my phone yet.

    today my phone hung....screen on applications for 5 mins and closing lid doesn't do anything to it...not a fatal error just hung had to do a soft reset.

    no other major problems since i didn't install the antivirus and the ringo....

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