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Topic: Help entourage info on treo: how do I switch to palm?

Registered: Jul 2002
Posts: 34 Help entourage info on treo: how do I switch to palmdesktop?

I have my all my info on my treo via the new entourage x conduit om a mac pismo poerbook with jaguar

I was able to put my info from the powerbook on the treo via entourage conduit

I hate it. but i want to keep the info I have on the treo because i dont have it on my palm desktop and i dont want to re-enter all that data.

Can I just sync back to palmdesktop? do i have to disable the entourage conduit
and if so how exactly do I do that? Any one able to give me a step by step.

How do I put the info on my treo on my computer in the palm desktop so that I keep all the info currently on my treo but on my palm desktop so that i can sync with the palm 4.0 instead of entourage from now on.


all constructive comments welcome,