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    Hi everyone,

    I've only had my Treo 300 a few weeks now, and it seems like I miss my calls more often than I should. I think this is partially due to me simply not hearing my phone ring, and perhaps not feeling it vibrate, until today.

    Today I'm sitting at my desk, my treo sitting next to me where I'd obviously hear it ring if it did, data is not connected, I've got plenty of battery power, and my signal strength is 3 bars.... and all of the sudden it tells me I have new voice mail. Some one had called me but my phone never rang, their call went directly to voicemail. Any idea why my phone didn't ring?

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    Usually when that happened to me... it was because I switched the phone to silent mode (that little switch on top). However, I have experienced this problem with Sprint. My last phone was as Samsung N2000 and a few calls went straight to VM. Maybe that is what happens when the Sprint network is busy?
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    Hmm... yea it definitely wasn't in silent mode. Plus even if it was, I would have noticed it vibrating. Perhaps you're right about busy networks causing calls to go to voicemail. Perhaps I'll try to talk to customer support about it sometime.

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    This is slightly different from your story, but while I was on the phone resetting the factory default checksum password with Sprint tech support, voicemail notification became activated on the Treo. Turns out that I had accumulated 5 different messages during the prior 3 days. Not once had the phone notified me that they had been queued.
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    For what it's worth, I've had Sprint PCS for several years now. It's fairly common for me not to get my voicemail until hours or even days after it's sent. This has happened when using a plain vanilla Nokia as well as my Treo.

    I think Sprint PCS is the culprit.
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    I've been a Sprint PCS customer for -- I don't know -- six or seven years. And it's always been an intermittent problem. I seriously doubt it's related to the Treo. My first Startac did it, then the Timeport. It's just Sprint. And I agree, it's annoying. But these cutting-edge devices always keep me tethered and loyal -- damn them. Doh, gotto go ... I have voicemail.
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    I'll have to concur with the 2 previous posters. I've been a sprint customer for the past several years, and this has been an issue no matter what phone I've had.

    I get v/m from people who call, but my phone never rang.
    I get v/m notification sometimes a couple of hours after it was actually sent.

    Not really a Treo issue. It's a sprint network issue.

    RE: Not hearing the Treo ring. It's been discussed hear before, but just wanted to reiterate the fact that if you leave the Treo flip screen up on the device, the ringer volume is very very low compared to what it is if you close the lid. This is regardless of what you have the settings set to in prefs. Not sure why? It's either a bug, or the design was that if you had the lid open you must be close to the unit.

    --- bry

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