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    Picture this you're out of town without your PC, your Treo crashes and you have to do a hard reset. Of course the data will be wiped out. Is there a way to restore the data withour your PC? At least the address book and calendars?

    The point is does anyone know of a gadget where you can store the Treo's data and back it up from, a la, memorey card of the Palm 515?
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    you can back up your entire palm to an internet disk like the idisk setup from mac and then dowload it from any computer where ever you are.

    good luck!

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    When I first got the Treo, and was trying to stabilize the software on it, I had to do a Hard Reset. It was a pain in the arse, 'cause all my numbers etc just went poof. After searching around I came up with a solution that I am using pretty successfully now.

    JackFlash, JackSafe, JackSprat and JBBackup.

    I have removed lots of programs and languages from the Flash of the Treo, and setup JBbackup to backup my address book etc. to the flash on Thursdays at 4am. Yes, I might be a week late, but still a lot better than having nothing.

    Worked without a hitch so far. I also use CrashLog, and TreoTools to reset the device if it crashes, and turn the phone back on. Sometimes it crashes And I have no idea until I look at the crash log. A self repairing device.....
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    Are you using the JackFlash set of programs in a GPRS Treo or the original Treo without GPRS?

    Also how much memory can you get after deleting the unnecessary software from the flash memory?

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    I have used JackFlash and Sprat in the Treo 270 ver 1. , GPRS 1.0, GPRS 1.1

    Just make sure that you have the latest versions. The older ones don't seem to work with the GPRS 1.1 upgrade.

    JackFlash 2.7b1
    JackSprat 2.0b12
    JBBabkup 1.6.3

    Those are my versions of the software.

    I got about 1.5 Meg of flash to play with. Can'r remember the exact figures, but apps in my flash are the following:

    CityTime 199K
    DateBk5 557K
    JBBackup 73K
    MegaL 205K
    TreoTools 10K
    X-Master 54K
    ZLib 31K

    I have about 100K of Db's backed up, and still have 123K of Flash Free.
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    My layout is pretty much the same as that....
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    Great to hear that the JackFlash set of programs work with the GPRS1.1 upgrade.

    Thanks for the info. guys.

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