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    What is the best browser to use?
    I had Xiino and it expired. It never really seemed to do anything that the default browser coulden't

    How do I get the best possible browser?

    Also, what about the really kool games, like Nextel shows on their TV Commercials? Any idea where the best games are?

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    I have tried Blazer, Xiino, Eudora, and a few others, but keep coming back to Blazer. I like it's URL entry helpers (buttons to tap with 'www.', '.com', '.net', etc), and the bookmark facility is nice. The price is as well.

    One thing I have never been able to find in a browser (and which I could sorely use) is one that allows you to view a picture that is larger than the 160x160 screen without being resized.
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    You'll find all the games you want at sites such as or, just to name a few....
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    Does anyone used EudoraWeb? It doesn't seem to work real well (i.e., clicking on links doesn't always work), but I love the way it will sync with your desktop's bookmarks. Does Xiino or Blazer have that capability?

    Xiino seems to render pages faster than Blazer...anyone else notice that?
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    I don't think there is a browser that doesn't resize images. The ones I've tried all use a proxy to speed downloads so images are resized on the web before they get sent to the Treo.
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    Here's an informative website regarding browsers for Palm:

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