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    Is there any actual Headset that can be used with this 300 yet? The earbud is worthless. I have tried everywhere???

    Also does anyone know where to get kool accessories? Handspring has the boring ones on their web site.
    What about a thing that keeps the screen finger printless?

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    Any headset designed for the Nokia 3300/8200/8800 series phones will work with the Treo. The mini-plug must have 3 dark bands. Most generic headsets mini-plugs have 2 dark bands.
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    I have mine coming in Tuesday...
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    Which is the highest end one?
    3300, 8200, or 8800?
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    I've used the Plantronics M143-N1 on my Treo 180 and had great success. It's designed for the Nokia 3300- and 8000- phones.

    I believe it should work on the 300 as well.
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    Originally posted by snippie
    Which is the highest end one?
    3300, 8200, or 8800?
    Based on price, the 8800 series (the chrome 8860 and world phone 8890).

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