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    I have bought the ringers from Handigo, the $9.95 plan. They never sent me an unlock code, or registration code?

    I can use Star Wars, and Rocky, and some others. Arn't I supoosed to get n unlock code?

    Also, sometimes the Treo says the ring tone is to long, and it resets it's self. What is the best way to set up these kool ring tones?

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    i posted a thread the other day asking if anybody knew of an editor for long ringtones, but no response. there are editors that would let you shorten a midi file and then convert it to a ringtone, but have not yet found one that can edit existing tones on the phone. i'm sure one will pop up.

    i also wrote to and suggested that we need shorter tones, segments of songs not whole songs. then i suggested frank zappa's 'peaches en regalia'... we shall see.

    this was their first effort, i'm sure its still very much a work in progress
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    Did you see that Gadgeteer review of the Treo 300? The reviewer has figured out a way to edit the MIDIs, but last time I checked he wasn't revealing the exact way he did it...he just listed the software he used. You need to read the discussion responses to his review to see where someone asks him for the exact method to his editing and he laughs and says that his method is too convoluted to describe. I'll bump the post that has the link to the review.

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    Do we need any unlock, or registration code for the ringtones?
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    I don't know; it did say when I bought them on Handago that the author would send the registration code within 2 business days, but I don't see any evidence of needing a code since I have been using them (although I quit after getting a few resets....bleah).

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    I can't remember the name of the one I use but do a search... there are tons of good freeware editors out there... also, get the palm midi converter mentioned in Gadgeteer review... let's you convert ringtones to midi and vice-versa
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    Here's the URL for the Gadgeteer review:

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