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    I need to send and retreive POP3 emails from my ISP

    I am using Treo Mail and it works

    Snapper says sprint won't let us send mail, only receive
    Eudora could not send, but it received
    InBoxtogo could not receive, only send

    And Treo Mail does not do attachments.

    What is the deal? What are the settings one needs to specify?
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    I use Eudora to both send and receive from 3 different accounts. You may encounter sending limitations with your ISP due to the fact that you are outside their network, and most ISPs limit mail relaying. Ask your ISP if they support SMTP authentication. If so, configure your mail program to support that. Some mail servers use pop-before-smtp. That requires you to get mail (for which you supply a username/password). The IP address used to POP is then authenticated to send mail (SMTP) for a period of time.

    Bottom line, check with your ISP, then get a mail client that supports whatever authentication method they do. Eudora supports both methods.

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