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    I bought my treo on the last day of the offer. But, now that the offer has expired, I cannot find the rebate form on the handspring web site. Does anybody know here I can find this form?

    Thanks, Mike
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    For once, I'm glad I use IE...found it in my cache. And I was about to delete my temp files and my cache, too!

    Email me if it doesn't work, I saved it to my HD just in case.
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    I was going to try the cache on my work computer monday. The link you posted doesn't work for me, but if you could email the pdf to me at woody@woodwardportraits(dot)com I would sure be thankful.

    Regards, Woody
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    if that link did not work for you, check to see that you have the adobe free acrobat reader installed on your computer. if not you can get it at i clicked on it and it worked fine for me.
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    Hmmm. Strange things are going on. I have the Adobe reader installed and it normally works just fine. When I click on the link I get a blank page. When I right click and "save target" I get a small gif file instead of the pdf. I'll try from work tomorrow.

    Thanks, Woody
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    Got It! I turned off my "norton internet security" and now it comes up just fine. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction everbody!

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    Speaking of the $100 rebate... what experiences have people had with this? I just sent Spring my old PDA a couple weeks ago and I'm curious how quick their turnover will be. How have other people fared in getting their rebate?

    Also, do people know if they'll let you combine it with that other $50 rebate they have going right now?

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    What about those of us 'early adopters' that purchased our Treos BEFORE 9/1/02??? Are we sol??? Anyone have any info and/or ideas???
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    Last I heard, this $100 rebate offer was only good untill October 11th.

    Why bother now?

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    The form says to expect the rebate in 8-14 weeks.

    The offer was good for Treo 300's purchased up until 10/11, but you have until 10/25 to get it activated and send it your old PDA.
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    I purchased end-August, called Handspring, spoke to a nice CS rep, and he told me I would still get it (early adopters too). Have his name, extension, reference #, etc. He said to call him if it didn't go through.

    Anyway, sent mine in early September, nothing yet...

    Will keep you posted.

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    Last weekend, the Sprint web site listed a the rebate for the Treo 300, and showed a cutoff date of 10/13 rather than 10/11. It said the rebate form would come with the Treo. I purchased a Treo300 from a Sprint store on 10/12 (of course.) The saleslady said to download the form from the web site.

    Of course, the Handspring form says 10/11. Has anyone seen a form anywhere that shows 10/13?

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