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    Well finally after 4 weeks of not being able to get on the vision web site they finally fixed my account. My questin is besides the corprate email access what else is the benefit of the vision account.

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    lol... nothing really... needed for BizConnect but that's it
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    Unlimited internet from your Treo 300 (provided you have one of the new phones with the unlimited vision), SMS messaging (get PDAapps Treo300 SMS), e-mail from your phone, crystal clear calls

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    NCTreo300, I think he's talking about the web site access, where one portion of the '' site has phone number-based login, for traditional account access, and the other side (the right side) has Vision login. I've always been able to get onto both portions,and I don't notice a great deal of difference.
    That's what I presume the post is referring to....
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    I thought so ! Thanks for the responce !
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    Oooops. Sorry if I misinterpreted the original post....
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    After 3.5 hours on the phone with cust. care and getting bounced 6 times, I was finally able to get to a tech who had some sor tof head on his sholders. He set me up with the Vision side of the Sprint web site because, like you, mine did not work eather.

    After getting the problem fixed I asked him what is the importance of having your password and this access to the site?

    His response was: You now have access to download all of ringers, games, and other stuff we have here up on the site. (It's 3-5 bucks a dl)

    So after he runs through a much longer version of above, I asked him if any of that would work on my phone.... NO.

    A great waste of 3.5 hours....
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