I recently reactivated my old Treo 755p since my lady's Palm Pre succumbed to the seductive wiles of gravity.

What a blast from the past!

I was a little ashamed at the volume of things that I couldn't remember. I knew that the phone could be turned on or off in multiple stages - on, then on the Sprint network, and vice versa. I did not remember how to turn it all the way off, so I just took the battery out and hoped that was the right thing to do.

Another time, I couldn't remember how to make the number pad appear when attempting to dial.

I saw I still had that TealOS app installed, so I thought I'd revisit its webOS "lite" functionality, now that I've had the real thing for almost two years. Unfortunately, I could NOT remember how to turn the sucker OFF! I decided to just switch out batteries, anyway, since I wanted the thing needed to charge in the base (the extended battery is too fat for that and the base has room for a spare to charge, simultaneously).

I played with Kinoma for a little while, too, but the data speeds were unimpressive and very limiting.

Still, it's gonna be fun having an active Treo in the house. Hopefully, it will have a better time than my love's other gadgets.

P/S I also noticed an icon for an "App Store." I didn't remember that, before (and still don't) but I'd imagine it predates Apple's supposedly trademarked market.