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    Is Sprint PCS' Vision service fast enough to replace a 56k dialup modem? I'm considering using their PCMCIA card for data access for a laptop.

    Anyone using this combo that can comment on the data rate you are seeing?
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    The service gives a max of 144kbps (which I don't think anyone has been able to achieve) and Sprint claims an average speed of 50-70kbps. From the posts I've read on this board, I would say that speed might be fairly accurate.
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    Faster than 56k modem?

    Yes. It is. but like any wireless device speed can be affected by location.

    But then again I didn't always get 56k with my 56k modem.

    What did you have in mind?
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    It seems to me that 50-70k speeds are EXTREMELY exaggerated. I've never seen it come anywhere close to that, but then again, I don't even know how people are measuring the speed.

    I can tell you that from experience, It seems like my old kyocera 6035 or RIM blackberry speeds which I believe were closer to 14.4k.

    I've never seen it fly, not even once. Sometimes I sit waiting for *minutes* waiting for a 50k page to load.

    I guess YMMV though.

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    I did a side-by-side comparison of my Kyo 6035 vs. a Treo 300 in a sprint store downloading a web page on Blazer for both.. the Treo was much quicker to download the page, and considering that the Treo was downloading full color images, vs. my 6035 set for 4-shade greyscale... I would think that the 300 is LOT's quicker...I think a lot of it probably has to do with the location and the signal strength....

    Anyone else out there made the 6035 to 300 switch ? I am seriously considering it and wondering if you have any regrets ?
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    I switched from the Kyocera to the Treo 300 the first day it was out. I love it! It had a lot of issues in the begining, mostly Sprint Vision related, but latel it's been great. I was holding out for the new Kyocera smartphone, but I figured I'd give the Treo a try.
    First, the keypad is awsome. I never got used to graffiti and maybe I'm wierd, but my fingers fly on the little mini-keyboard.
    Second, the size is great. I wil always sacrifice size for a better setup, but with the Treo I don't have to.

    Of course, there are issues. My biggest is that I use this phone to alert me when servers in my datacenter go down. The Treo only alerts you with a quick beep, not enough to wake me up at night. There is TreoAlertManager, but the version I tried only repeated alerts for voicemail, not SMS. And Sprint has a lot more work to do. But with there new unlimited pricing for Vision, I'll live with it.

    Take it from a long time gadget user. There is no such thing as a perfect device. You can find something wrong with everything if you look hard enough. I think the Treo 300 has more plus than minus for my specific needs.

    Good luck!!!
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    Is there any software we can download that will track the speed of the treo when viewing webpages??
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    I got to use both a PCMICIA card and the Treo 300, and I will tell you that not only does the PCMICIA card get better reception, it is SO MUCH FASTER.

    This can probably be atrributed tothe comptuer that you are on, but I was downloading files at 10-12 KB/s - which turns into 80-96 Kb/s... At the time I was still using dialup, and it was about 2x as fast. However latency times were a lot longer, and noticable when browsing he web with the PCMICIA card. It would wait a bit, and than give the entire page at once pretty much.

    I belive that when you use the PCMICIA card you'll get fast access, it really has to do with the Treo's processing power etc for it's speed.
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    I've used vision for about 2 months now-on average, you are getting about 1KB/s downloads, or 8kilobits/s. This is slower than 56K, which on a desktop usually you see like 29-40Kb/s actual. You will never get the advertised, theoretical speeds on any modem, even this one. At times, you will get BURSTS, of maybe around 56Kb/s, but thats the most you will get.

    The way I found this out was, I was sitting there waiting for big pages to download, say i.e., its like a 100k download, and took over 1 minute. After seeing so many webpages, you can tell you are getting about 1KB/sec, cause for each second that passes by, the data indicator at the bottom increases by one, sometimes it goes in chunks, and will take 10 seconds till you see the rest of the page download, and you will see your data amount go up by 10KB, so 1KB/sec. in other words, slow as hell for high data pages--and most pages are on average 25-50KB.

    So in conclusion, Sprint needs a faster connection, like 5 times faster to be anywhere where you can be satisfied.

    Joseph Tse
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    I get like 3-4 KB/s on big files.

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