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    Has anyone tried removing the Sprint Logos from a 300? Ideas? Fingernail polish remover? Turpentine?
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    Why anyone would want to waste time with something so ridiculous is beyond me. lol
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    It's was real easy. It's called the Treo III Convertible Case.
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    I wouldn’t normally add this since it’s not actually answering your question, but I wouldn’t mind the absence of the sprint logo.
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    I have a brand new Porsche ... I would like to remove the "Carrerra Coupe" badge. Any ideas? Razer blade... circular saw?

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    Hey, to each their own...

    Give nail polish remover a try, but that's about as strong as I'd go.

    As for removing the "Carrera Coupe" dryer, dental floss and Goo-Gone. I kid you not!
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    How about rather than removing it try covering it up with something else?

    Cartman sitcker, Gucci label, Tonka decal, etc.
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    Originally posted by Serpico
    I have a brand new Porsche ... I would like to remove the "Carrerra Coupe" badge. Any ideas? Razer blade... circular saw?

    You should know that the badges are a delete option when ordering. I think that only puts you back about $500...HEY....enough to get another T300 when you screw this one up w/ nail polish remover.
    Gregg Ginsberg, P-CLP
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    Acetone (ie: nail polish remover) works for me when I'm removing carrier logos on my faceplates.

    I have successfully removed the AT&T, Voicestream, and T-Mobile logos off of the following phones: Nokia 8290, Nokia 6590, Nokia 8390, and Ericsson T68m/i
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    Seriously, I want to take mine off too.
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    pic included
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    Nail polish remover does work.
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    Originally posted by MitzEclipse
    Nail polish remover does work.
    On the 300, or in general?
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    As said before, this has worked on all of the cell phones that I have owned with carrier logos on the phone.

    Worked on my Ericsson T68i/m, Nokia 6590, Nokia 8390, etc... should work for the Treo 300 as well.
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    So nail polish remover does NOT work.

    It doesn't harm anything either, but it does not even begin to help remove the logo.

    It's nice & clean now though.

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    Odd, but it's worked on other phones... hm... well you could try Bug Remover as well: LINK

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