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    Has anyone verified if switching to one of the new plans will give you 3 months of free data from the new plan date? That is, does the 3 months start from the date of your original Vision plan or does it start over from the date of the switch to the new All-You-Can-Eat plan?
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    The new plans have unlimited data you don't need the "three free months" anymore.
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    Do you mean do you get the $10 off for the first 3 months? If so, that's a good question....

    Anyone know if you had vision prior (you had vision for free, $10 off I believe per month for first 3 months), do you get $10 off for the first three months again with the new plans? If you look at the new prices, the first 3 months (in most cases) are $10 less than the actual rate, though I'm not sure you get that if you have been a Sprint Vision customer prior.


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    The new plans DO charge for Vision. It is $10 per month w/ the first 3 months free. My question is, do we get 3 months from the date of the new plan or does the free time we have already received on Vision count against us.
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    Yep, that's what I meant. I know they charge the $10, and I just wanted to confirm that your question was will you get the $10 off for the first 3 months with the new plan even if you had a previous plan with the 3 months free (sorta like getting 6 months free )

    Not sure of the answer...anyone?

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    I changed my plan last night and I asked since this was changing my contract date, did it also start my 3 free months again, and the answer was yes, for the next 3 months I will not be charged $10 a mon, which is the price of the unlimited data usage.

    Adam Mazza

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