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    I like my Treo 180 but I would prefer color. Some Web pages, such as MapQuest, are almost useless in black and white because key information is differentiated by the use of color. I will plan to upgrade to the Treo 270 in April, because my contract with Cingular will have completed one year and I will then get the Treo 270 at the new member price. But since I bought my orignial Treo last April there has been an explosion of new products similar to the Treo 270. Anyone suggest a good, or better alternative that is still a nice handy size, lightweight, and with the sameor additional features?
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    By then you shouldn't have to sign a new contract to get a 270 or 300 at a good price, you could just buy one from Ebay. Then you could lean on Cingular to offer you some better terms because you could always cancel and resign, but you want to save them the hassle of switching you.

    I've seen some great products, but nothing like the Treo. There are some better phones out there (the new Kyocera will be cool) and there are some better data devices (the Blackberry or the upcoming Palm Tungsten W). However, I have not yet seen anything that comes close to the Treo in terms of both being a real phone (that you don't need a headset for) and a real PDA (the Kyocera and Samsung are big on the "phone" part of "smartphone") while being easy to carry around in my pocket with no case or anything. I've come to love my Treo and when the price of a 270 comes down, I think I'm going to snatch one of those up. The color has to be nice, and lit keyboard is great! Of course if TMO doesn't offer a data plan similar to the "Vision" plans from Sprint, I'll bolt straight to Sprint and the 300.

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