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    I was just clever enough to misplace the CD that came with the Treo with the HotSync software, etc. According to Handspring's site, has all downloads for the Treo300, but I haven't been able to locate it there either (nor could the Sprint Rep I just spoke with). Has anyone else found the software anywhere? I'll probably try downloading the Palm Desktop 4.0.1 from Handspring, I think I've read here before that it works fine too, but I know the original CD was Sprint-branded and may (or may not) contain 300-specific tweaks. Anyone had problems with 4.0.1? Or better yet, know where I can find the software online or an ISO for the CD?

    Thanks much
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    i am using handsprings 4.01 software for my treo with no problems. There does not appear to be a diffrence from the one with the cd.

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