View Poll Results: Treo Cradle: Rip off or not?

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  • It is a $50 piece of useless plastic!

    3 9.68%
  • I would buy one if it cost less than $30.

    4 12.90%
  • Handspring should include it with the treo!

    16 51.61%
  • Oh shut up and buy one, the cradle rocks!

    8 25.81%
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    I've been looking for a Treo USB cradle at RETAIL STORES since I'd rather go pay cash and be done.

    Problem is, NOBODY HAS THEM!

    Ive tried; CompUSA, BestBuy, Circuit City, Staples & OfficeMax. The only store that even came close was CompUSA who said "We sold 4 of them 2 months ago, and there's none left now."

    Why are these things so scarce?
    Is the treo not popular?

    If I'm gonna pay $50 bucks (a rip-off) for this, Handspring at least oughta make it convenient for me to be foolish.

    Any ideas about where to find these welcome.
    I live near Boston MA.

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    I have 2 of them. One at work and one on the night stand. Very useful and never run out of power.
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    I have the Handspring cradle. It probably should have been included with the Treo, but thats moot. Its of very good quality, and Im really happy with it. It comes with another basic wall charger and another USB cable. So, I leave the cradle set up at home and use the additional wall charger and cable for the road. So you do get more capability that just getting the cradle alone.
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    I got mine from - I just checked and they are showing stock (248) at $38.71 each.

    Do a quick search for treo on the main page.
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    Wow...thanks for the tip (regarding I would like a cradle, but if Handspring had included it, then they probably would not have included the travel charger/syncer. Therefore, most of us probably would have had to buy a travel charger anyway. Granted, those are probably cheaper...
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    just ordered one last night from$39 and free shipping! Cheaper than Handspring, go figure!

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