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    I just received the ProClip mount in the mail. VERY cool! It's two piece provides the clip to the car (multiple places to put it) fits into crevices in YOUR car (eg, customized for each car). The second piece is customized for your phone or PDA (including the Treo). Took me all of 4 minutes to install, holds the Treo steady, doesn't require me to put any glue or screws into my dash...I LOVE IT! Make sure you order BOTH pieces (the one for your car, and the one for your PDA). I heartily recommend these. BTW, it's very thoughtfully built for the Treo. You can actually open the lid of the Treo while it's still in the clip. Bravo to ProClip!

    (And, no, I don't work for Proclip...I've been searching all over for something that will hold my Treo while charging or while talking on the earbud so I don't have to put it in a cupholder or on the passenger seat)
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    I see the one for the Treo 180. Does that fit the Treo 300 as well?
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    I have the fine. The top and bottom are completely open, so you can get at all the controls easily (even the jog dial).
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    I love the idea too. Does anyone know if their web site is secure for credit card info. I would like to get one asap for my truck.

    Also, can you buy these things in any store?
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    check your credit card's web site. most now have the availability of a single use card number and expiration date for purchase where you would prefer not to give out your real number. its a great way to work when you are not sure.

    also, if you happen to have a paypal account, you can get the same service from them. check their links for 'shop anywhere'.
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    It's a secure site. When I went to checkout, I opened it in a new window just to be sure -- and voila, there was the lock icon (as well as the "https" in the URL location).

    Ordered it for $60, plus shipping...anyone want an unused/unopened $8.00 universal holder from Radio Shack?
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    Thanks guys! I'm going to get mine right now.... as for the holder from Radio Shack, mines going in the trash too...

    <b>The difficult is easy, the impossible takes time.</b>
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    Anyone know if you can use the ProClip system while the Treo is in a beltclip holster?
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    You'd probably have to rig the mount to accept the belt clip. The mount itself only has holes for you to screw down the PDA/phone-specfic holder (or the phone's OEM car kit, if you've got one...and no, there isn't one out for the Treo yet!).
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    Just got my proclip system for my 2000 Expedition. Fit and finish is excellent. I literally installed it in less than two minutes and it integrates seamlessly into the cars interior. I HIGHLY recommend this kit!!
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    Okay... I ordered. Hope it works! :-)
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    I just received this kit - installation took 1 minute and it fits the Treo 300 perfectly. Although its expensive ($60) for what you get, I think its worth it.....perfect fit without damaging the dashboard.
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    Fit like a charm. I can't believe something can be so precision -- except... I guess... at that price you'd expect it to be. :-)

    Anyway... it was perfect.

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    Is there any problem with the ProClip blocking an air vent? Couldn't heated air be damaging to the Treo? I'm on the verge of ordering a set for my '93 Camry.

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    I got mine for my 96 lexus es300 (camry on steroids), and the way its designed it has a couple inches at least of clearance from the vent. I don't see any way of the treo being affected by the heater.

    Pull the trigger, you won't be sorry.
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    Installed the Treo 300 holder in two cars today and both work flawlessly.

    2001 Toyota MR2 Spyder
    2002 Jeep Wrangler

    ProClip Rocks!
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    Perfect stocking stuffer for the husband - of course, he has my hand-me-down Kyocera Smartphone <G>, but he will love a car mount - he's been fussing about not having one!



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