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    Some folks may have seen this app - it's one that allows you to assign letters to bring up specific apps, once you press the blue 'shift' key and the space bar at the same time. It's a hack, so you'll need either Hackmaster or X-master to run it.

    So - you wanna pull up PalmReader to finish up that e-book, after you've checked out the latest stock quotes? Press shift and space, and then [P for example] the letter you've assigned to PalmReader. Up comes the app. Quick and easy.

    It's free, and you can get it at PalmGear:
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    I've found CoLauncher to be great. I can work it with one hand. It's an app that you can assign to respond to button pushes and grafitti characters. Since the Treo emulates grafitti with the keyboard, it's a great way to launch over 30 apps with two thumbtaps. It's cool.
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    I checked out CoLauncher - looks neat. I guess my only comment about Switcheroo is that it's free - not that $8.00 for CoLauncher is a lot of money, is money.

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