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    The Gadgeteer review of Treo 300 with tips

    This review is a very balanced, enthusiastic review of the Treo 300 with some very useful tips about making your own MIDI ringtones and adding software that enhances the Treo 300 experience.

    "In short, this device is one of the most innovative and actually useful gizmos I've ever bought, making me feel a little less bad about spending $500 on it. I have been a little dissatisfied with the recent crop of PalmOS devices, not because of their amazing hardware features, but the lack of entertaining or useful software. This lack makes any device not very interesting to me, since there isn't much to do with them. The Treo is so wonderful to me because it has Internet access, which is more useful and fun than any software someone could make."
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    Thanks for posting that!!
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    Most useful review I've read.
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    Bumpin' for those interested in MIDI editing...

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