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    Had the $69.99 800 AT, 5200 NW, 8MB, two phones. Now, trying to switch to the $70 with unlimited data...won't do it. Trying to charge $20 for the add-a-phone.

    Speaking to manager now.


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    Update: wouldn't do a thing. All vision plans under $85 will have a $20 add-a-phone charge.... The $85 plan you pay $95 if you want unlimited night and weekends, they wouldn't even wave that fee.

    Good looking plans, but not for those who want to add-a-phone.

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    I disagree. I think they are terrific even for add-a-phone. The 2000+ minutes anytime plans with free add-a-phone are the best deal going in wireless today, especially when coupled with free unlimited vision and free unlimited pcs to pcs. Come on....pony up the $85....that's 42.50 per phone, 1000 mins per phone. Who can match that?
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    I think once U go over your alotted MB you are going to wish that U switched. Using the web on the phone is very useful. Whenever there is a dull moment or time to waste users hop on the web. I really beg to differ with you an like brooose says pay the money you won't regret it
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    This is as good as I could have imagined. This pricing is what Vision should have been from the start. Somebody stick me, I must be dreaming...
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    I had $69.99 for two phones, 800 AT, 5200 NW (6000 minutes total), free add-a-phone and 8MB data. Why for the life of me can't I get the same deal with unlimited data for $10 more (isn't that the push, $10 addl for unlimited vision)?

    $85 only gives me 2000 AT. What if I use all of that plus another 1000 minutes? I pay out my arse...and I'm not willing to pay another $10 just for unlimited night/weekends. That's bs.

    When we first signed up, PCS Vision was stated as no add'l charge for the first add-a-phone. I think they should honor that statement.

    I, too, think the new plans are good, I'm only at odds with the add-a-phone charge.

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    Update, spoke to a gentleman in executive office sales and we made a compromise. He's waving the $10 fee for the first 6 months on the $85 plan for the unlimited NW so that I can guage if the 2000 AT will cover me. I doubt that it will, as I use my Sprint phone as my home phone at night to speak with relatives and the like.

    So, we'll see. He was surprised that I had been told when I originally signed up for vision back in August that "the first add-a-phone to a vision plan is free." He stated that I should have never been told that.... It did take them 2 billing cycles to get it set-up correctly back then anyway...

    Oh well, we'll see how it goes. Just ticked that the add-a-phone deal wasn't kept...woe is me The $70 plan I had was perfect (except the 8MB limit). Would gladly pay $80 for that plan with unlimited data and unlimited NW....saving me $15/month.

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    i agree with the folks who think this is great. i am not a big phone minutes user. never went over the 200 minutes on my old at&t plan. so i took the 300 minute plan.

    what i HAD been doing was sort of hesitating to really surf the web because i was sure that i was gonna get killed with extra MB once my 3 months were up. Now i can check my ebay auctions to my hearts content while on the checkout line at costco... then i won't be able to afford ANY phone plan!
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    If you do not like the plan, then don't sign up! But please... Stop with the whining!
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    Look, I'm posting my concerns to see if anyone else has been able to get a better deal. Deal with it, that is what this forum is for. If you don't like it, don't read this post. It's people like you that turn others off to posting on this board.
    Matt (whiner to you mlemke)
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    no bull.... I have the same plan you had, 800/5200/8mb shared between two phones.... they told me on multiple occasions that they would not charge me to add a phone....

    my last bill had a $10 add a phone charge..... I talked to a manager and she said nobody is getting the add a phone for free....

    I complained and complained and all she would do is give me a $50 credit....

    either way, now im paying $79, so I'll probably pay the extra $6 to go for the 2000 anytime and unlimited data shared....
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    Hey Fiske,
    Yeah, that's what I did as well. Really, I just wanted unlimited data, so I do like the plan.

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