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    I find that hacks always crash my system or cause weird, unexpected behavior in my palm. For example, i most recently stopped using switcheroo because it seemed to be creating weird patters in the large buttons that show up after you miss a call (the OK button on the screen).

    Other ones just seem to cause random crashes.

    How do you use hacks and keep your treo stable? Or do you just accept more resets as the price you pay for the new functionality.
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    I do not use hacks anymore. One stable hack is fine but when you mix a whole bunch of hacks it causes problems depending on what combination you have. When I used to use hacks I would sometimes have to hard reset this happened atlease 5 times. Now the only thing that causes hard resets on my visor are corrupted apps. Since I got rid of hacks my visor only had to be hard reset once and my wife's edge is rock solid. DON'T USE HACKS.
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    I have 5 hacks on my treo and no problems at all. as long as I don't try to do something that is not supported on my treo I don't have any problems.
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    i have been using hacks for ever with no problems currently i am using 6 hacks on my 270 and my wife has 6 hacks on her 180 and neither of us have any problems we are using x-master

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    X-Master, NoLinesHack, FontHack123, App/DA Launcher 0.5.4. No problems.
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    Get Crash
    It was designed to trap the offending HACK (or any application) which crashes your PalmOS pda.

    Use Crash with CrashLog and you will have a history of when your palm crashed and what app did it and the error.

    It will even automatically perform a soft-reset after the crash.

    Oh, quite funny how many times the Treo SMS app crashes
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    I would also recommend Trapweaver if you are going to use hacks. I have found that I have significantly more resets with my Platinum if Trapweaver is not running. I do not have any problems when running Trapweaver and X-master and the following hacks: Crash Hack, Middlecaps Hack, Keyboard Hack, Afterburner, LowBatteryIndicator Hack, and McPhling. I also occasionally run listNavigator hack, menuNavigator hack (when using my Stowaway), and autofire hack (when playing Zap!2000).
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