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    My Krusell Case just came in. I scratched my 300 two days after buying it trying to squeez past a garage door and car, I was PISSED, so I went looking for a nice looking protective case, that looked professional. This case is NICE! It fits the 300 very nice, access to all ports and jacks, good protection. The thing I like most is that it looks very professional and is quite functional. The Multiadaptor is a nice feature, any way you want to clip or fasten this thing is available, and seems well made.


    Four stars from me...

    Thanks Krusell.
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    Where'd you get it?
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    I didn't like the Krusell - seemed like it was too tight and didn't allow the cover to close all the way. Seemed a little over engineered, with too many flaps....It was well made and looked nice though. I sent mine back, and am still on the hunt...
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    I got it from an EBay Store...
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    Using the $12.50 case from Brookstone. Leather (fake), not a hard-shell. Belt clip, pain to get it out when it rings...but it keeps it from being scratched.

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    Two thumbs up for Krusell on their cases! I use their cases for the following phones: nokia 8290, 6590, 8390, 6310i, and Ericsson t68i.

    Nothing but good praises for the quality. One of the cases, however, arrived with the leather seam with bad stiches, they 2-day aired another one to me.

    I bought mine from They have all sorts of cases there.
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    i used my krussel case two days for my 270 anyone interested in buying it contact me at make offer

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    I got it from an EBay Store...
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    I'm pretty happy with it in my pants pocket
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    I've been using the case from Leather International...great case, very nice leather, holds the Treo in a horizontal position (so the antenna doesn't poke you in the side), snaps closed, and you can get at all the buttons. I love it!

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