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    I have a Nokia 6340 with a sim card in it. I live in Atlanta where the treo is not availble but it is available in Savanah GA. Could I buy a Treo 270 or even a 180 and out my sim card in it?


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    I thought Cingular in atlanta uses TDMA instead of GSM. I think it's powertel that uses GSM in atlanta. So i'm not sure how that would work out. Sounds to me you'd be roaming the whole time if you did that. And I think there is a clause in the contract that says if you get free roaming then the majority of your minutes have to be from your home calling area, which would be savanah, GA for you. Talk to powertel and see if they support the treo.

    (I got powertel from whenever I go to atlanta that is what shows up on my GSM phone as the carrier)
    Steve Lineberry

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    Yes you can use a Treo and pop your sim in. I live in the ATL, use Voicestream (which used to be Powertel and is now T-Mobile) and have had absolutely no problems.

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