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    On hold listening to Claire. They should lower her Prozac prescription.

    What would be nice if you could change the voice from Claire. Perhaps user options like Default (Claire), Col. Klink, Sgt. Schultz, Barney Rubble, Fred Flintstone, Ed Norton, George Jetson, etc.

    Combine one of those text readers for the blind with the text of their canned scripts.

    It would make the wait more tolerable.
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    I always call from a landline...I just got through in about 15 seconds...none of that navigating through Claire!
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    Occasionally I do get through quickly, but something as ridiculous as this would make me want to be on hold just to hear it.

    Imagine ...

    Sgt. Shultz: "Get unlimited data? but how? Sprint? I know nooothingg!"
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    I believe you will find that Claire's days are numbered. The following is from SPCS' web site this morning:

    "Sprint is also launching plans to significantly improve automated service options, thereby effectively decreasing the number of misdirected calls, making general account maintenance quick and convenient and reducing callers' hold times. Finally, Sprint is implementing an overall shift in processes and providing appropriate tools for both customer service specialists and retail personnel that will empower them to better address customer concerns in a timely and satisfactory manner.

    "The wireless industry as a whole needs to do better when it comes to customer service, and at Sprint we've made this area a top priority," said Lauer [Len Lauer, new SPCS CEO]. "We have a clear goal of what we want to accomplish and are confident we can provide our customers with the exceptional service, clarity, coverage and value that they expect and deserve."
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    today when I switched plans, I got the Claire voice but she did not identify herself. She gave numbered choices without the voice recognition BS and I had a human on the phone in 10 seconds. This is a welcome change and, as someone else posted, maybe sprint is finally getting it!
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    Maybe I lead a charmed life or something, but every time I call into Claire, I get handled and processed very quickly. Remember, the alternative is a long wait, or touch-tone input, which I hate.

    In fact, when I called today to switch plans, I said 'hey claire, I need to switch my plan' - that was handled quickly and then of course I had to hold forever for a person to complete the switch. If only they'd let Claire handle plan changes!
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    When Claire answers, say "Cancel account"... I always get a rep fast...

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