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    I just received the leather holster for Treo made by Tuff As Nuts (, and I am totally impressed. It is absolutely beautiful, made of best NZ leather in various colors (I have tan brown), and quality is top of the top.
    Very importantly, it remains very slim on the belt, and it allows the use of the headset.
    Alternatively, you can remove the Treo from it very quickly if you need to answer a call or use the handheld.
    Protection (with glass towards the inside) is maximum, guaranteed by a screen protector inside the leather.
    I absolutely recommend it.
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    I like the Krusell.
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    I had the Krussel but got fed up with it adding about 200% bulk to my Treo. My Treo replaced a Nokia 9210 based on the size advantage, but in the Krussel it was almost as big.

    The Krussel is beautifully made but impractical. The outer part of the case that you rip open to view the screen without opening the Treo is awful; half the time you inadvertantly end up pulling the whole thing open and answering the phone when you don't want to. The Treo's flip frequently slips out of the cover. The bottom of the case obscures half the keyboard and means that when you hit the spacebar, you find the force often presses the symbol key as well. (I ended up cutting the bottom plastic of the case around the spacebar)

    In short, the Krussel is a nice idea for a case, made of beautiful leather, but the design is idiotic. Either a case needs to give up on the screen being viewable when the case is closed, or you just go down the pouch route. I came to the conclusion all I want is a wearable pouch for the Treo -- so I've ordered a Tuff as Nuts.

    Anyone in London who wants a Krussel, drop me an email and you can have mine gratis. I'm not using it. Buy me a pint or something.
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    I got my Tuff as Nuts from

    It is a very nice case with excellent leather. I got the black with the beltclip. $41 + $3.95 shipping.

    Seems like a pretty good deal.

    They are American and I liked the shipping costs.
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    Got my Tuff as Nuts today.

    Built like a tank but nice and slim and inherently practical (unlike the Krussell).

    Highly recommended.
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    I used a Tuff as Nuts case for my Ipaq. You're right... it was built like a tank. I remain convinced that you just can't beat the Brookstone case. At $12.95 it is the most elegant and functional case I used. Genuine black leather too.

    O..... and I'm still a flapper!
    Up the Creek.... Try the River!

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    I replaced my "tucked" Brookstone several months ago with the Handspring Holster - which I love. I think it made the "tucker movement" obsolete.

    I still have a "flapped" Brookstone that I use for occasions when I need a "discrete, elegant" case vs. the "technogeek" look of the holster...

    Bruce - keep on flappin'

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    Awwww... somehow I knew I'd flush a "tucker" out of the bushes. ;>) You da tucker man Penny!

    When you speak of the Handspring holster, you're not speaking of that initial piece of trash are you? If not.... then what? I'm always open to other case designs.
    Up the Creek.... Try the River!

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    I would buy another case from Tuff-as-Nuts anytime just because of the garantee (card) that comes with it. Haven't found any accessoiry that beats their service.
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    has anyone gotten the Tuff as Nuts with the slot for your belt to slide through? It looks (in the picture) as if there is a whole new piece of leather attached on the back. I just wanted to know if it increased thickness significantly.

    And how is the belt clip on the other model? Does it come off? thanks. Generally I am not a fan of clips of any sort. My ideal case would be a nice leather slipcase.

    Finally where is the best place to order? From Website or from pdapros?

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    I got the Tuff As Nuts holster for my Treo also. Fast turnaround on my on-line order, great quality and the 3 year guarantee is nice too. Expensive but worth it. Highly recommended.
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    I offered to review the case for Tuff As Nuts, and they told me that TreoCentral's own Mr. Bohn (Dieter? Dietrich? I never got that part installed in RAM ;-) already has the case for review and loves it to pieces. He's just being a slacker (or a busy person, but who cares? ;-) and not finishing/posting the review. Come on, D! I want the skinny. Tear it apart, baby! The belt loop model looks like the case for me, but $40+ is a lot for me to spend if I'm not absolutely sure.
    Seattle Palm Users Group!
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    Actually Dieter has had the review done for awhile now, it's our editors *cough* marcus *cough* that are late in posting it... that along with a Vaja review.
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    Maybe TreoCentral needs a co-editor? I don't want that job, but I bet there are some contributing writers that could lend a hand. ;-)
    Seattle Palm Users Group!
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    is that a nomination

    You better had voted! (if you are a US citizen that is) Don't ignore your constitional rights!
    -Michael Ducker
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    Originally posted by miradu
    is that a nomination
    Sure, what the heck. I hereby nominate Miradu (or whatever his/her real name is ;-) as co-editor/helper/poster-of-articles person!

    Originally posted by miradu
    You better had voted! (if you are a US citizen that is) Don't ignore your constitional rights! [/B]
    Of course!
    Actually, you reminded me to go put my absentee ballots in the mailbox. My wife would have been furious at me if I hadn't, since one of the issues affects her job. ;-)

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