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    it just shut off. no warning, i've never dropped it, or anything. i just closed it & when i went to open it, nothing. it won't turn on, has no flashing lite, oh & the battery was completely charged (was connected to charger) it's gone to treo heaven. i think it wa it's time to go. let's all have a moment of silence for him... thank you. seriously though, i'm going to take it to sprint tomorrow & i hope they won't make me wait to get a new one in the mail like they usually do. has anybody elses treo completely died for no apparent reason (i bought it the day it was in the sprint stores)?
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    mine didn't die completely, but out of the blue for no apparent reason, holding down the power button to get into wireless mode no longer worked.

    I called Sprint (and after getting bounced around for awhile), and had a new one the next day. However, this one has the dreaded screen wobble...! I'll probably request my third treo next week.

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