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    Nokia 9290 Communicator
    Full Specifications


    Digital cellular phone (handsfree, handset and headset use)
    Fax, Short Messages, E-mail 1
    Wireless imaging, digital camera connectivity
    Smart Messaging Support 1
    WWW, WAP 1
    Calendar with multiple views and attachments
    Calculator, World time clock with alarms


    Dimensions: 6.22" Long x 1.06" Deep x 2.20" Wide
    Weight: 8.6 oz


    Total memory: 56 MB
    User memory: 16 MB
    Execution memory: 8 MB
    Application memory: 16 MB
    Memory card: 16 MB

    Technical Data

    32-bit ARM9 RISC CPU
    Symbian operating system
    - Personal Java, C++ support
    Data speed up to 14,400 bps ready 1
    Screen resolution: 640 pixels wide x 200 pixels high
    Multimedia card slot. 16 MB memory included.
    Network: GSM 1900
    Connectivity: IrDA, Ir-TranP, RS-232

    System Specific Features

    GSM phase 2 signaling
    3V SIM Application Toolkit support
    Enhanced full rate (EFR) speech codec
    Full rate speech codec
    Encryption algorithms: none, A5.1, A5.2

    E-mail Protocols

    POP3 or IMAP4
    Mime 1 & 2

    E-mail Servers Supported

    Cyrus IMAPD Mail Server
    HP Open Mail
    Lotus Domino Mail R5
    Microsoft Exchange
    Netscape Messaging Server
    Stalker CommuniGate Pro Mail Server
    Sun Internet Mail Server
    University of Washington IMAP4 Server
    Oracle InterOffice Mail Server
    Teamware Office Mail Server


    Viewing of ASCII text, and JPEG or GIF graphics
    All attachments (spreadsheets, text documents, etc.) can be loaded
    to a compatible PC using PC Suite 4

    Mobile Multimedia

    Images supported: JPEG, GIF, TIFF, BMP and others
    Macromedia Flash, Updates >>
    - Download for Communicator >>
    Real audio and Real video, Updates >>
    - Download for Communicator >>

    Calendar and Contacts Compatibility

    Microsoft Schedule+ 7.x
    Microsoft Outlook 97/98/2000
    Lotus Organizer 97 5.0, 6.0, and GS 4.0
    Lotus Notes 4.5, 4.6, and 5.0
    SyncML remote synchronization

    Database Compatibility

    Requires TCP/IP connection and HTML/HTTP support
    Lotus Domino
    Solid Light Client (only TCP/IP connection required)

    Communicator Applications

    FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
    Wireless Data Backup
    Add-on software

    PC Software

    PC Suite for Nokia 9290 Communicator for use in Microsoft
    Windows 95/98, Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 and 2000 environments


    Advanced HF Car Kit (CARK-109)
    Li-Ion Battery 1300mAh (BLL-3)
    Connectivity Desk Stand with Sync button (DCH-10)
    Rapid Cigarette Lighter Charger (LCH-9)
    Rapid Travel Charger (ACP-12U)
    Data Cable (DLR-2L)
    Headset (HDC-8L)
    64MB Memory Card (DTS-64)

    Battery Performance

    Li-lon Battery (1300 mAh)
    Talk / Data / Fax Time -- up to 10h
    Standby Time -- up to 9d
    PDA / Flight mode -- up to 16d

    Integrated Design
    Consistent menus and color screen icons create a familiar PC-like environment.
    High-resolution, color TFT active matrix screen displays up to 4096 colors.
    Full QWERTY keyboard lets you input information using methods you already know.
    Application keys give you easy access to the features you use most.

    Wireless Office1
    Create, edit, and share documents and spreadsheets.
    View presentations with the built-in presentation viewer.
    Edit documents or check your calendar while you talk handsfree on the speakerphone.
    Send documents and spreadsheets via e-mail, IR or even fax.

    Powerful PDA
    Synchronize your calendar, to-do list, and contacts with Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes using Nokia 9290 PC Suite.4
    Use the Calendar to check your schedule, make appointments, keep track of anniversaries and birthdays, view and edit a to-do list, set alarms, and send appointments to other people's calendars via SMS or e-mail.
    The Contacts application is for creating, editing, and managing all contact information such as phone and fax numbers, e-mail and street addresses. You can even attach a photograph to each contact card. Sync with your desktop PC to keep current contact information right at your fingertips.

    E-mail with Attachments1
    Send and receive e-mail with attachments.
    Manage your e-mail from virtually anywhere.
    Supports the following mail protocols: IMAP4, POP3, MIME1 & 2, MHTML, & SMTP. Compatible with Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes and more >>.

    Mobile Multimedia
    Send, receive and view video clips, digital images and music including: AVI, WAV, MPEG and MP3 files which can be converted and played on Nokia 9290 Communicator by using the Multimedia Converter application supplied on the Nokia 9290 Communicator CD or download. Download >>
    Images supported: JPEG, GIF, TIFF, BMP and others
    Real video and Macromedia Flash can also be used on Nokia 9290 Communicator. Players are included on the Nokia 9290 Communicator CD or download. Download for Communicator >>
    For more information and updates go to

    Internet Access1,2
    Browse the Web wirelessly and see it in full color.
    Bookmark Web sites for easy access.
    Built-in 3.2 HTML browser supports Frames, SSL security, and full color images.

    Integrated Cellular Phone with Speakerphone1
    Talk handsfree on the speakerphone.
    Conference calls with up to five people.1
    Talk and use some other applications simultaneously. Check your calendar and take notes during a call.

    9290 Battery Life
    Extended Li-ion Battery (BLL-3)
    -- Digital Talk Time up to 10 hours
    -- Digital Standby Time up to 9 days
    -- Analog Talk Time N/A
    -- Analog Standby Time N/A
    -- PDA (flight mode) up to 16 days

    Indispensable. The Nokia 9290 Communicator is the right tool for business, keeping you in touch with colleagues, customers, and suppliers. It improves your productivity and interfaces with existing systems.

    Price $599.00

    Purchase includes:
    Extended Li-Ion Battery (BLL-3)
    Travel Charger (ACP-12U)
    Headset (HDC-8L)
    Data Cable (DLR-2L)
    Memory Card (DTS-16)
    Free Shipping
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Before you dump your Treo, go to a local CompUsa and check out the demo 9290 phone and hold it in your hands. That sucker is HUGE!!!
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    It's a brick. And you talk into it backwards ie: The display/keypad is facing out.
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    You would have to be crazy to dump a Treo for the Nokia Brick.
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    I donlt much care for the Symbian OS. Some folks love it but I don't know why. With all of the third party software options for the Palm and hardly any for Symbian' why would you want to switch?
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    I'd rather have the treo as well (even though there is still no way to backup that thing...ugh.)

    The Nokia 9290 is 1) NOT a tri-band or dual-band so you can only use it in North america, and worst of all 2) NO GPRS!!! You must ONLY connect via CSD at 9.6kb. If you're in canada, you're sol since all canadian carriers got rid of CSD and only provide GPRS. You'd have to use your own isp!

    The screen is nice tho...
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    Just saw this thread. The 9290 has some nice features, such as a GORGEOUS display, but the 2 reasons I traded mine in for a Treo 300 are 1) size of phone and 2) no high speed data. I used the phone to connect to my corporate and pop email, as well as some light web surfing. The download speed is incredibly slow compared to CDMA2000 or equivalent. Although this phone has tons of features, I wouldn't trade in my Treo for the world (ok, at least until the Kyocera 7135 or Samsung i500 come out
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    I'm sorry to bring this topic back from the grave. I too am looking at the Nokia 9290. One main reason is the battery life.

    I had the Treo 270 when it first was available(on the long waiting list) and have suffered with poor battery performance (2hr talk time, you gotta be kidding me). I find myself recharging the darn thing once a day.

    I don't do any foreign travel, so I don't have to worry about going to Europe or Asia. I also don't use GPRS, look at the price, GPRS is horribly expensive.

    The size is the only thing that defeats the Nokia 9290 in my eyes. But I used to carry a Handspring Prism/VisorPhone combo back in the day!

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