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    i got my 270 a week ago and ive been thru 3 new treos already. I keep getting fatal errors and have to do hard resets every day....what wrong with treo? which programs are causing this? it's so frustratin!!!
    any body knows which programs are incompatible with the 1.1 update? pls post .....sigh this past weel with the treo is just such a bad experience....i gonna get a xda if this keeps up....its driving me nuts!!!!!
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    Under what conditions does your Treo 270 crash?
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    The old AOL anywhere clients version 2.0 seem to be culprits for Fatal Errors. To be sure you have a clean Treo, I recommend Hard Reset and then move everything out of your <username> | backup folder to another folder. Do a HotSync and the using the install tool from the directory of moved backup files, only put those applications you know that you need back in place on the Treo. If you dont know what a file does, dont put it in your Treo - its good Treo hygeine :-)

    I think that a lot of the instability people see on Treos comes from inherited software from older devices - system extensions and software which writes directly to older hardware. Migration from one device to another is not as simple as HotSyncing to the same name - do a little clean up first and you get a much more stable device. Troublesome software on a Treo often comes from the Backup folder.

    If you have serialized software you may have to restore your Saved Prefs file from the abckup folder. It is like the registry on a Palm powered device.

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