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    I'm on the phone now with sprint fixing an error THEY made on my bill. Anyway he said this new plan called the 'Holiday Plan' Starts tommorow 10/18/02.

    Here is what I got quoted:

    40.00 - 400 Anytime Minutes, plus UNLIMITED nights & weekends
    10.00 - UNLIMITED DATA ! WOO HOO!!!
    20.00 - Additional Phone (wife can share the 400 anytime min.)

    so I get all that for 70.00 per month minus 18% Xerox discount.

    If you work for a large company you probably can get on the company plan for a discount. I know that AT&T's discount is 25%!

    Anyway, it's about time

    The rep I talked to was 'Branden'

    I was paying 94.99 per month to get 300 Anytime min. and 20 mb of data.

    He was not able to tell me how data

    The plan comes in 30.00, 40.00 or 60.00 sets.
    30.00 - 300 anytime
    40.00 - 400 anytime
    60.00 gives you 800 anytime minutes

    ALL of them have unlimited data for an extra 10.00 per month

    This stuff should be on the web site tommorow

    This should
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    Just switched my plan (they must think I'm crazy, I just went from a regular plan to the original PCS Vision plan last weekend) -- it goes into effect next billing cycle!

    Thanks for the tip!
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    Corey, for $85 you could get the same plan with 2000 shared anytime minutes. Plans at the $85 level and up no longer charge $20 for the extra phone.

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    Nothign to comment on as far as the plans, they rock...but I was just wondering...wouldn't you think AT&T woud offer employees a discount on AT&T Wireless Service and not Sprint's?
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    The following is from a news article on SPCS' decision to go with unlimited data. It's obvious from the new plans that they're trying to jump start adoption of data in a big way.

    "So far, Sprint PCS said it has signed only 120,000 customers to its data-capable PCS Vision network, below analysts' expectations.

    Lauer [new SPCS CEO] said data users tend to spend 35 percent more on their voice service and stay with the same provider longer than voice-only customers. "Our incremental cost to carry the data is very low," he added."
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    I just checked this page and it shows PCS Vision unlimited for FREE! Plus unlimited NW minutes.

    Is this correct? I don't see any $10 unlimited plan. For the lower price plans it does go up $10 after 3 months but that is ok for unlimited data.

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    That first table is with Vision service, and each plan is $10 more than the Free & Clear plans below it.
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    Oh, I got it. I was looking for an additional plan option. It is one heck of a deal. I am going to call sprint to change my plan.

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    I changed mine, and they made it effective tomorrow, even though my billing cycle starts on the 1st.

    I went from the 69.99 800+5200+8M to the same with unlimited vision for the same price. Might go up a plan if I use the phone too much.

    Only problem was that the c/s rep had some difficulty finding the code, and eventually had to send me to the business desk to get it changed.
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    Is this with one phone or two????

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    That is for one phone.
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    just as a heads up, if you work for EDS call sprint and get your 25% discount. this discount applies to all MRCs, even things like equipment replacement.

    it wont apply to any over usage charges though.


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