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    OK, yesterday, out of the blue, I could no longer get my 2 week old Treo into wireless mode. Pushing and holding down the power button only led to the welcome screen and nothing else. So, I called Sprint for help. After being transferred to wireless web support (why, I don't know) and waiting on hold for 25 minutes, the guy told me that Handspring deals with hardware issues like that and I'd have to call them to get an exchange. So I call Handspring's tech support (and am on hold for 15 minutes), and I'm told that I should call Sprint, who handles all exchanges. I argue politely with the gentleman, who finally agrees that Handspring should do the exchange, but he must transfer me to Handspring's customer care. He ends the call by giving me a trouble call# and tells me that customer care will be able to pull up my record. So I call customer care - and I get Brenda, the most vile, ignorant, uncooperative person I've spoken to in a long time. She insists that there's nothing she can do, can't find my record #, that Sprint is the only one that can handle an exchange, even though I had bought the Treo on HS's website, where it clearly indicated that they could handle a product return for a unit that was purchased through them. After 30 minutes of being on hold, "while she talked to her manager", and explaining what I had been through, I gave up and called Sprint back. Luckily, I got someone right away that had a clue, and he input my exchange order and low and behold I got the replacement today! Even tho he said 3-5 biz days.....

    Guess that's a happy ending (we'll see if the phone lasts more than 2 weeks). But it amazes me how disorganized, untrained and ignorant each of these companies are.

    I love the Treo, but this is its last chance.....thanks for letting me vent.
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    Hmmm...this may be why Handspring's had to lay off people as of late...

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