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    For the past couple of weeks I have been getting this error when sending email from the Treo using BizConn. I know my desktop client is working because I have no problem getting my mail or corp contact info on the Treo. Also I can do every function from the web version ( including sending mail with no errors. Both use the same desktop client.

    In fact sometimes the mail gets sent from the Treo but I get the error anyway. It seems that I am only getting one way data because when I delete on Treo it doesn't delete on my office mail client like it used to.

    I tried deleting the app and then reinstalling but there was no change. Tech support had no answers but opened a trouble tkt and someone is supposed to call me back within 24 hrs. Wish me luck. All the functionality used to work until about 2 weeks ago or so.

    I would appreciate any thoughts on this because it is starting to annoy me.
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    I'm in the same boat as you (Perfect service until a few weeks ago when Sprint decided to "upgrade" their servers). My fallout now is that I have no 2-way SMS capability on my phone.

    You should try both the reset mailbox and re-register functions from the phone after deleting and reinstalling the app. Make sure to sync after deleting the app and then do a reset before re-installing the palm app.

    Also, you should make a note to see if you have the "Create Vision UserID and Password" icon on your manage site. If it's missing, you need to call them and get them to make it appear. I'm in this boat now. It appears that thise of us who used to be 2G users then upgraded to 3G have accounts that aren't completely migrated. What happens is that some of the traffic which is supposed to go to your phone gets routed to the 2G network, which is la-la land for you at this point.

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