I had the opportunity to play few hours with the new HP Jornada 928 WDA that a friend bought a couple of days ago.

In my neck of the world, it comes at the same price as Treo 270.

It is an amazing device:
It runs on Windows Pocket PC 2002 Phone Edition (very fast), which gives you the familiar (like it or not) Windows touch.
Of course, it comes will all Outlook, Word, Excel Pocket editions and many more software.
No need to buy a compatible third-party office suite.

Furthermore, it comes with an expendable 32 MB FlashROM 64 MB RAM 66 MHz memory data bus (not bad...), a beautiful 240x320 pixels 65,536 TFT color screen (that makes Treo look dull and yellowish in comparison) and a compactflash Type 1 extended expansion slot.

Of course it is GPRS-enabled (not Bluetooth, I wonder why...) and a neat LCD dual-screen that lets you see who is calling without the need to turn the PDA on to save battery.
Battery life is in the average. Nothing to write home about.

In other words:
A magnificient device (a bit on the heavy side, compared to Treo: 194g - 6.85Oz)... that I am not planning to buy!
And for one main reason:

HP Jornada uses a very good and easy to use virtual keyboard (as with Motorola Accompli 008 and alike).

Nevertheless, one of the main reason why I initially turned to HS Treo is that it has a 'real' keyboard that allows you to type much faster your Email and SMS messages than on any of the best virtual keyboards available today (as with Accompli 008 and now Jornada 928).
And I'm not ready to carry around a Pocket Keyboard!

So please, Handspring, adapt the great Jornada 928' functionalities (dual screen, expansion slot, better quality screen, etc.) and keep your keyboard!