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    I installed the Preview for InBoxToGo on my Treo 300 and while it sends messages it cannot receive messages from my Local ISP. It says to double check user name and password.

    So first I ask out there is anybody using it?

    With InBoxToGo if you have a Word or Excel attachment it will get read by Word to Go, etc.

    Pretty amazing and superior to Eudora, Treo Mail, and even BizConn which none of them can open an attachment!
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    Inbox To Go has been out there for about 6 months - I used it on my 6035 prior to the Treo, and really liked it. I guess my only beef, and the reason I went to Business Connection, was that it didn't have any form of push e-mail. The attachment function was cool, I will say, although syncing via desktop, and choosing to sync attachments, caused HotSyncs to drag on foreverrrrrrr.By the way - some folks I know at Sprint corporate product mktg continue to maintain that BizConn will have attachment support. Someday. Soon. They say.
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    I have been using inboxtogo for several weeks now and like it BUT sometimes my messages arrive without the body of the message. I have emailed customer service and feel let down by their lack of response. I am sticking with them for now but if another program came out that I liked I would switch in a second. I tried Corsoft and 20% of the time I was unable to open the attachment....I just want an email program to work 99.99% as advertised. Is that too much to ask?

    I also wish that inboxtogo would check more than 1 email address.

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