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    Does anyone make a car kit for the Treo 300? I had this nifty thing for my Timeport that just plugged into the cigarette lighter, and provided a cradle-like platform to just slap the thing into. Would like something similar for the treo...
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    I've heard that THB, a company out of Germany is suppose to introduce one for the Handspring Treo later this month.
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    In the meantime, here's another solution:

    It's not the most elegant solution (in fact, my girlfriend thinks it makes me look like a telemarketer ), but it works. It's about $80 shipped from Frontgate, and includes the Nokia 8000 series adapter.

    Click on "SHOP FRONTGATE", then "FRONTGATE OUTLET", then "Electronics", and you'll see it -- "Handfree Speaker/Microphone."
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    I just received the ProClip mount in the mail. VERY cool! It's two piece provides the clip to the car (multiple places to put it) fits into crevices in YOUR car (eg, customized for each car). The second piece is customized for your phone or PDA (including the Treo). Took me all of 4 minutes to install, holds the Treo steady, doesn't require me to put any glue or screws into my dash...I LOVE IT! Make sure you order BOTH pieces (the one for your car, and the one for your PDA). I heartily recommend these. BTW, it's very thoughtfully built for the Treo. You can actually open the lid of the Treo while it's still in the clip. Bravo to ProClip!
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    Let's see...$80 for the Frontgate hands-free solution...about $60 (plus shipping) for the Pro-Clip (ordered mine already ), for about $150, you have a decent car kit, plus one that you can update as you move from your Treo to other phones/PDAs for about $35! That works for me...
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    Original comment (10-30-2002):
    I purchased the ProClip car mount for my car -- learned about it in this board in fact. I agree the product concept is cool. Unfortuntately, when I mounted it exactly per ProClip's instructions/pics I found it blocked the glove box door in my car, i.e., I could not open the glove box. I had to remove the dashboard mount from the passenger side and reinstall it on the driver's side to resolve this problem. This orientation works but is suboptimal.

    I'm sure this issue is specific to my car (Mini Cooper). The picture on their website shows the mount on the passenger side. But re-examining the picture closely reveals the Mini Cooper for which this mount was designed has no glove box... perhaps a shelf instead. This is not a U.S. model Mini. I'm disappointed I was misled and sold a product with such an obvious defect. Beware.

    Follow-up comment (10-31-2002):
    I called ProClip per sbcrair's suggestion. They handled this in a very professional manner. They are already in the process of making an altered version for the U.S. model Mini dashboard and said they'd send me a new mount as soon as it's available. I publically apologize to ProClip for not calling them to discuss this before posting on this board. Their product is cool and also they do customer service right.

    Final comment (11-12-2002):
    True to their word, ProClip manufactured a new version of the dashboard mount for the U.S. model Mini and sent it to me. I installed it today and it works perfect. I highly recommend their product and doing business with this company. Thanks ProClip.
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    I ordered the ProClip for my car (works well, but a little far for my handsfree to work real well), and then ordered a different orientation (in addition) that didn't work quite as well (got in the way of the gearshift on the console). I contracted them via phone to return it, and they were quite helpful. Even told me about an "offset" swivel piece that they have. So, I'm getting that to see if it will work. Try calling them directly...they are quite eager to please. BTW, since I originally posted about the ProClip on this forum, they apparently have sold about 35 (last couple of weeks) for the Treo. Let them know you heard about it on the TreoCentral site...they should be even more helpful (and, no, I'm not connected with either ProClip or TreoCentral, just a satisfied customer).
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    My only gripe is that I ordered my Pro-Clips (I got one for my car and one for my mom's car) last Monday (10/21) and they didn't ship until today (10/30). Arrrrgh!

    But, it was due to an item being backordered, so I forgive them.
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    I have received my Treo Proclip holder and corresponding Proclip mount and it works great.

    Works great!
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    I have a Treo 270

    I was wondering if any one has an opinion on the Arkon PDA holder.

    The model number that I am interested in is the "Multimedia PDA Mount Kit with Steel Flex Pedestal Model CM655"

    I would like to know some more about the product and the company before I buy it from over the internet (I am from Canada and they do not sell it up here)

    I like the fact it is located low, this allowing my hands free cable to hang down and not get in my way when I am driving. It also has the ability to move out of the way when I change gears (my car is standard).
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    "Multimedia PDA Mount Kit with Steel Flex Pedestal Model CM655"

    I have the Universal PDA Mount Kit with Steel Flex Pedestal. Works well and fits my Treo 270 well. Only minor problems:

    1. Headset jack forces you to mount the Treo in the holder a touch high so it does not get caught under the holding pads. (Slightly irritating.)

    2. Jog Dial is not accessible when mounted. (Of no consequence to me.)

    FYI, the "multimedia" version is just for playing music though the car's radio system, or so I was told by support. My understanding is that Treo's headset output cannot be patched through.
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    IMHO, for $70, I'd just as soon get the Pro-Clip. I mounted the one for my mom's car already on the dashboard vents, and it works very well. I also ordered the mount for side-of-the-console mounting for my car, and should have that in soon. Check to see if they have that option for your car. It will look like this (this is a late-model VW Passat):
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    Update: well, the mount I ordered for my mom's E-class works great, but the mount I ordered for my car didn't fit -- apparently, VW made a running change on the Passat's center console, and they didn't realize that. So I'm being overnight mailed another mount that will fit into a dummy switch position on my console instead...this should work well as well.

    Great customer service!
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    Does the ProClip have some method for the car charger to be connected while seated in the cradle?
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    Originally posted by johnjohntc
    Does the ProClip have some method for the car charger to be connected while seated in the cradle?
    Yes, the ProClip cradle for the Treo allows the charger to plug in from the bottom. Also, you can flip open the Treo cover while it's seated in the cradle. Very clever design.
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    The Pro Clip does work well. What we really need; though is:

    1) A holder that is hard wired with a seperate microphone and speaker.

    2) A design that allows you to drop your phone into the holder and all the connections are made.

    3) A built-in blue-tooth transciever in the holder with a clip on wireless headset - for privacy calls. The headset would recharge while attached to the holder from the car battery. A 120VAC charger would allow the bluetooth headset to be recharged out of the car.

    4) An external antenna with quality db gain.

    5) When in the holder/charger, the display would stay active even with the lid closed. The keyboard light would stay active.

    6) Provide a program that would patch the phone to allow voice dialing.

    Wow - I don't want much, do I? I would buy this kit in a heartbeat at ~ $199.
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    I'm trying out the treo 300 on sprint, having just used the Kyo 6035 with Verizon. What seems to be completely lacking is a simple solution like for the Kyo 6035. It has a speaker that plugs in the cig lighter, with a mic and a cord that connects to the phone. It is truly "hands free" (if you have voice dialing), and is simple. Right now, I'm using the earplug that came with the treo, which is at best a short term solution (I don't want to have to plug it in every time I get in the car). Seems to me Handspring is really missing the boat on this one.....
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    I would easily pay $199 as well.....
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    Here is a copy of a reply to an email of mine regarding the treo car kit...

    Dear Bob ,
    many thanks for your enquiry regarding our THB product range.
    The construction of the cradle for THB Universal Classic and THB UniversalDSP for Handspring Treo 180/180g/270 are finished. We waiting in the momentfor the release from Handspring self, if we have this the production willstart.

    Best regards
    Axel Pahl

    Well, looks like the ball's in Handspring's court. Lets roll!!!
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    I want a pony.
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