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    Apple has a new utility called iSync that is supposed to work with the Treo. Has anybody tried this? I still can't sync my 300 on my Mac using OS 10.2. I have not bought the Missing Sync. 30 bucks seems pretty steep for an unemployed guy like me. And the guy who makes it gave no guarantee that it would work... and wouldn't let me try before I buy. So, I'm hoping for some cheaper alternative.
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    First of all, don't but the misingsync, it wont help you out except lightening your pocket. I am also on OSX/Jaguar and have no problems syncing. I also use iSync and it works great when using iCal and built-in Address book.

    If your Palm Desktop is not working, pull it off your computer and download the PD 4 on the handspring site that is for Mac. You can find the link on my post, 'Treo 300 and Mac' - That should do it. Email me offline if you can't get it going.


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