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    I like to Sprint-bash as much as the next guy. They were pretty cool today so I thought I'd have to give them a quick kudo.

    I found out that I'd be travelling somewhat regularly in a place where my Treo wouldn't work... due to being single band and all that. I went into a Sprint store to get a dual band phone. In 15 minutes a very friendly salesperson (even smarter than Claire) had me outfitted with an additional dual band phone for free. It shares minutes from my existing plan so it is free all the way through (except for the car-charger.) Anyway, I thought it was cool.

    By the way, he told me the quickest way to get around Claire and speak with a service rep right away is to say "Cancel Account" when Claire asks what you want.
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    Does the second phone have the same Phone number as the Treo???
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    How can you have two phones active with Sprint under the same account. I was told by a Sprint rep that I needed one or the other.
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    That's like the holy grail of sprint service!

    Two phones, one account, no additional charges? Huh?

    Give details, as i'll be traveling to a non-sprint area in Michigan this holiday season, this would be great.
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    It is the same billing account but different phone numbers. The phones just share minutes is all. I'm not sure but the dude made it sound like it was an option all along that I just wasn't aware of.
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    Yeah, you can add a second line to most plans for either free (big plans) or a fee (smaller plans). You also have to meet certain credit criteria (WHY? You're not in for any extra $$, really...).

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