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    I can't believe that the Treo's blinking light doesn't change blinking patterns when you receive a sms or you miss a call when you are away from your phone. Handspring should release an update, as this was one of the reasons the blinking light was placed on the mobile phone!

    Other worthwhile software updates:
    -ability to SMS a message to more than one person
    -ability to send SMS from the phone book (an SMS button beside the dial button)
    -data and time usage tracking
    -the ability to turn of autospell
    -Java script support in Blazer

    Otherwise the phone is perfect.
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    I wonder if the light can be brought under OS control. That would be a sweet improvement. Until then, try out TreoAlertMgr which will keep ringing every so often until you tell it to shut up. Nice when you miss a call/sms.

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